Providing and hosting courses and sources for different subjects from tech development to business strategies for both internal and external learners.



Supports internal and external research both in commercial & academic fields. Partners with researchers and research origination on topics related to blockchain and web3.



Provides guide, courses, and mentorships for startups, SMEs and larger enterprises to explore blockchain, and to master the Chromia platform in order to create dApps.

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Encourages internal and external incubation projects to grow further with advice, training, and strategy support. Develops opportunities for collaboration & partnerships to create growth within the Chromia ecosystem.

Incubation Program

We want to help you use the opportunities of the emerging blockchain market to create new digital products.


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Chromia Innovation Lab Incubation Program

Chromia Innovation Lab Incubation Program is an incubator focusing on the Chromia ecosystem. Chromia is a relational blockchain platform, making it easy for people to build decentralized apps in the real world, for a better world.

In this incubator, you will utilize Chromia blockchain platform to develop blockchain applications. In our incubation program, your ideas will get the best possible support to succeed in the blockchain market.

Why should you join?

We've created a program where startups, SMEs and larger enterprises can explore blockchain, learn how to master the Chromia platform and be guided by ChromaWay’s business expertise in order to create dapps for the future.

Chromia Academy provides you with courses, seminars and digital materials to develop the technical and business skills you need to become proficient to utilize blockchain, in particular Chromia.



Be a part of a growing network exploring blockchain solutions on Chromia.


Work closely with mentors providing expert advice to give your ideas a unique edge.


Take your project from concept to production with our resources and expertise.


Learn how to scale your project effectively.


Discover relational blockchain and build groundbreaking products on Chromia.


Explore Chromia with courses, seminars to develop the skills you need as entrepreneurs.


Application Start: October 15th, 2023

Application Deadline: December 15th, 2023

Program period

Acception Letters: January 10th, 2024

Kick-off Date: January 23rd, 2024

Incubation Process

First month will consist of admission and onboarding to the communication channels, where participants will find discussion and networking opportunities.

Requirements for entry

  • A draft pitch
  • A rough plan and goals
  • Can you motivate the problem you want to solve?
  • Have some ideas on how to use blockchain technology, preferably on Chromia
  • Innovative idea to address this challenge
  • Rell Knowledge (or the participants should be willing to learn Rell)

Then you will be onboarded to the Chromia Academy to learn the entrepreneurial skills you need to succeed as a company. We hold expert meetings every fortnight, where mentors and advisors provide feedback and suggestions on your next steps.

Groups engage in during the expert and business meetings and develop their projects continuously according to the feedback they get each session (from advisors and 0mentors). You will also have the opportunity to take turns giving feedback to other groups.

Requirements: Pitching for the Demo Day

  • Strong presentation with good value proposition and a clear pitch
  • Scalability and revenue potential (can you reach XSEK in X years?)
  • Positive customer/market feedback
  • Realistic plan forward with resources to back it up
  • Establish contact with mentors
  • Develop a minimum viable product.
  • Formed a team with necessary skills to execute the project
  • Actively partake in meetups and feedback sessions with mentors biweekly
  • Positive inner dynamic (e.g. ability to resolve conflict, communicate efficiently)
  • Show commitment and drive
  • Partaking in community activities by sharing competence skills, giving feedback, learning from others, posting in discussion forums, networking appropriately.
  • Timeliness, preparation

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Some projects will be given the opportunity to receive funding and/or co-create a company or close partnership with ChromaWay. Selected teams will have close engagement with the advisors, access to the internal resources & the team, legal support and introduction to our corporate partners and investors.

Requirements: Participation

  • Good presentation of the project or company
  • Validated market interest (on product/concept)
  • Solid action plan: realistic, well prepared, have the resources to execute it

Requirements: Team

  • Goals in action plan have been met, milestones achieved
  • Shown commitment and drive internally
  • Participated in community activities, networked appropriately, active participation in meetups, feedback sessions
  • Contributed to community development e.g. by sharing skill sets



Incubation program

The program starts in January and ends in the middle of November 2024.

Participants with team members can apply. In order to be able to proceed with their idea, teams must be formed and every team should have at least one participant with a technical background.

We will provide training on not only chromia- relational blockchain but also on entrepreneurship, business models, innovation. If you have not registered a company, you will also have access to our legal and financial team to guide you for paperwork.

No, it has to be about blockchain and in particular about Chromia.

No. We hope you will decide to register a company or an organization.

No, you can be wherever you want. If you are in Sweden, it is easier to meet and discuss.

You will have a schedule within our digital platforms and we will send you reminders.

No! The program, like all other support from Chromia Innovation Lab, is completely free, and we don't take any equity.

Succesfull projects can get attention from our investment team but there are no investment promises.


We believe in execution, however, if necessary, we will provide you support for getting control of patents, agreements, right of use, and ownership.
ChromaWay's legal team can support and guide you through the process.

Executive summaries should be no more than four (4) pages in length and include clearly marked and defined sections about: your blockchain product, target market, competitive position, team, marketing plan, current stage of growth, funding plan, and expected support from the incubation program.

Please follow our announcements.

You can also contact us at

Rell is built for Chromia. Chromia is a new blockchain platform for decentralized applications, conceived in response to the shortcomings of existing platforms and designed to enable a new generation of dapps to scale beyond what is currently possible.

Rell is the new blockchain and database language that gives static typing, expressiveness and more security to databases, and 10x less lines of codes compared to other blockchains.

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